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  • America's Last Best Hope for Defeating the Islamic State Is…Iran?

    By Emad Kiyaei

    U.S. firepower alone can't defeat the Islamic State. It needs to work with Iran, whether it likes it or not.

    When President Barack Obama's secret missive to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was leaked to the media, the reactions were predictable: Israel was furious. Saudi Arabia was livid. And Mitt Romney was dumfounded. Speaking at the Israeli American Council, Romney called Obama's action "astonishing" and "an enormous error." The former Republican presidential nominee added: "To suggest that we might somehow work together [with Iran] is something which is so far beyond the pale, I was speechless as I heard about it.... I simply can't understand it." Let's help Mitt Romney understand.

    This article was published in Foreign Policy on November 11, 2014.